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Helping youth make better decisions to live a more fullfilling life

The decisions we make today, have lifelong implications.

making decisions

Methuen High School

I’ve heard literally thousands of shares since 1985 and Eric’s combinations for raw authenticity was something I have not felt in years. He has been chosen to share his story

Dean Brouder

Drug and Alcohol counselor, Methuen High School


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Public Speaker

Good decisions lead to better Mental Health and Wellness

Eric’s public speaking is based on real-life circumstances that continue to have a tremendous positive effect on those who hear Eric talk. From his presentation, the audience learns how decisions they make every day can have long term effects on their lifestyle. Those decisions, from the most important to the most insignificant, ultimately determine the path they take in life.

Because our lifestyle plays such a huge role in our mental health and wellness, it's Eric's goal to help guide people towards a healthy lifestyle by teaching them the tools to make better decisions. 

3 Healthy ways to deal with stress

3 Healthy ways to deal with stress

Everybody goes through stressful times, it’s impossible not to, because it a part of life. Have you ever wondered why you get stressed out In situations like taking that big test in school or when you try out for a sports team or you’re in a relationship?. It’s...

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