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Everybody goes through stressful times, it’s impossible not to, because it a part of life. Have you ever
wondered why you get stressed out In situations like taking that big test in school or when you try out
for a sports team or you’re in a relationship?. It’s because you don’t have full control of the situation.
You don’t get stressed because you’re taking the test or trying out for that sports team or in that
relationship, it’s that you don’t have full control of the outcome. Not knowing the outcome in these or
any situation can lead to nerves concern and fear which can result in stress.

Because you’re not able to avoid stressful moments, you have to learn to deal with them before they
become to much to handle. But that’s the problem, a lot of people don’t make decisions that deal with
what is stressing them out. They think what they’re doing is helping to deal with it but what they’re
doing is pushing the problem to the side and it keeps affecting them till they deal with it. A perfect
example of this is when you get stressed out if you smoke cigarettes, overeat, or yell this type of coping
doesn’t help, it pushes the reason for being stressed to the side. You feel better at the moment, but it
doesn’t help you deal with the root cause of the stress. Dealing with stress in this unhealthy way
Overtime the stress builds up leading to more severe decisions that could be life such as harming
yourself or using drugs to try and numb the pain stress your feeling.

Now lets talk about three decisions you can make in any stressful situation that will help to relieve the
stress placed on you so it doesn’t become to much to handle and effect your life negatively.

Relieving stress the healthy way.

1. Exercise- When you exercise, this helps to change your state of mind and the state your body is
in. Exercise make you feel happier because of what is chemically happening in your body when
you exercise. When stressed out, exercise has been said by many to have more of an effect on
helping with stress than any drug or prescription. When I say exercise, I don’t mean you have
to exercise super intense and lift heavy weights, if you do exercise intensely great but you don’t
have to. Just getting your body in motion to move is all you need to do going for a walk, going
for a hike or doing yoga are all great ways to move and help to relive stress. I have a friend who
was severely injured when he was younger and to deal with what he was going through he
started drinking heavily but it wasn’t until he found exercise did he really start dealing with
what he was going through. Hr. credits exercise to helping save his life. This is the impact
exercise can have on your life when going through stress.

2. Changing your perspective- Your perspective is how you look at a situation, this important
because how you look at a situation determines the meaning you give yourself from that
situation. The meaning you give yourself determines the emotions and feelings you have which
results in how you feel. But when you change your perspective, that changes the meaning of you
give yourself which changes the emotions and feeling you have, resulting in you feeling
differently. Let’s say you look at yourself as not being enough and as a result you think you need
to hang out with a certain group of people as a result you change the way you dress, you
change the music you listen to, you even start making decisions you normally wouldn’t or don’t
agree with to fit in with them, because the group is making these decisions. When you start
doing this what happens a lot of the time is you start second guessing yourself and thinking are
they really my friends, I’m not sure if they really like me and you start stressing out even more
then before because you have been working so hard for them to like you. What if you changed.

your perspective at how you look at you? And you said I am enough the way I am, I only want
to be around and with people who want to be my friend for who I am and not have to change
for others. It is much less stressful when you change your perspective and look at you as
enough vs not being not.

3. Express your emotions- There is a big misconception that when you talk about or show your
emotions that this makes you look weak, but that couldn’t be more wrong. It’s the complete
opposite it shows how strong you are because expressing your emotions isn’t an easy thing to
do. When you’re in stressful situations and you don’t talk about or express how you’re feeling
in some way then the stress you’re feeling negatively affects your life on an everyday basis. But
when you have the courage to speak up and express your emotions, it helps you to relieve a lot
of the stress you’re feeling and start the healing process to deal with whatever you’re going
through. When I was younger, I suffered an eye injury that till this day has me blind in my right
eye. I remember coming home from the hospital going in the bathroom looking in the mirror
and saying look at you, you’re so ugly who would want to hang out with you or date you. I ran in
my room and would not leave for weeks because I was so ashamed, embarrassed of what I
looked like, and didn’t want anyone who I knew to see me. I was so stressed out about what
others would think what they would say or how they would react when they saw what I looked
like. It wasn’t until I talked to my mother and expressed how I was feeling did I start to relive
the stress I was going through.
We All go through stressful times in life, but not everyone deals with stress in healthy ways. Its those
who deal with the stress in healthy ways that relieve what they’re going through not letting it build and
negatively affect your life on an everyday basis.