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Making decisions are what determine your path in life

You are who you are because of the decisions you have made up to this point. You will be who you will be later in life because of the decisions you have made up to that point. Your decisions have a crucial impact on the life you live. This is why making good decisions is so important, sometimes you can make a poor decision that can negatively affect your life forever and vise versa. There are some tools people use to help identify the situation and help them make better decisions like SODAS. The following are three steps that will help you to make more informed decisions to live the life that you want.

  1. Take a step back and breathe before you make a decision. So many times, when making a decision you make it with your emotions in control, not you and this never ends well. This is called impulsive decision-making. When making this kind of decision you don’t think when you act, you just act on the emotion you are feeling at that moment. Right before you are about to make a decision in any situation (especially when emotions are running high) take a step back and take a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. What this does is slow down the thoughts and feeling you are having because of the emotions you are feeling at the moment. When you slow your thoughts and feelings down this allows you to be more conscious of the decision you are about to make, not letting your emotions fog the decision you are about to make. You are now in control of the action you are about to take. Even when it is a scenario where you are not afforded a lot of time to make the decision, you should still take time to take the step back and breathe before you act. Because you never know what that decision you make can lead to in your life.
  2. Ask yourself these 4 questions. Now that you are able to think more clearly and are conscious about your actions and thoughts.
    1. What are the risks involved with making this decision? How can this decision negatively affect me now but also later in my life if I make this choice?
    2. Does this decision get me that much closer or further to the goals I have in life?
    3. Does making this decision align with my values and beliefs?
    4. Ask yourself why would I make this decision? What is the real reason I want to make this decision? Is it for revenge, to fit it or does it truly benefit me in my life.
  3. The last step is to not let your past decision affect your present decision-making. Everyone on earth has made decisions they would like to have back, but they can’t. Because of this So many people get stuck in the past with the decisions they have made and are never able to move forward because they can’t get out of the past. The only way to move forward from these types of choices is to think back on what you could have done differently and learn from it, think about how you could have approached it differently, what you could have said differently, or maybe you could have used a different tone. After you take the lessons from it move forward.

When you take a step back to breathe and slow everything down, ask yourself the correct questions, and not let your past decisions get in the way of your present choices, then your quality of life will get better as you become a better decision maker. Becoming a better decision maker and improvement in your quality of life go hand in hand, as you improve your life in one area it tends to spill over into other areas forming good habits and contributing to a stable lifestyle.