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Asking for help

Over the past 6 months everyone’s life has been flipped upside down during the pandemic. People have lost their jobs resulting in income loss, we have all been isolated in our homes for a long period of time,  sports have been canceled which is large part of peoples coping, Kids have been staying at home doing online schooling. All these things and much more have resulted in an increase of stress for everyone leading to an increase of anxiety, depression and PTSD and much more resulting to an increase of unhealthy coping decisions such as drinking alcohol use and much more. When we go through stressful times in life and it becomes overwhelming people will start to drink or use drugs to “take the edge off and relax” which can result in them eventually becoming a drug addict or alcoholic not realizing they are numbing their emotions instead of feeling their emotions to heal them by asking for HELP. Learn more about overcoming emotional issues to avoid limiting your options and making it harder to ask for help.

One of  the many reasons people don’t ask for help is They don’t know how to because they have never been taught how to. We have people in our lives who have said I am always here for you, you can talk to me about anything, I am here to help you. But if we don’t know how to approach the situation to actually ask for help then how can we do it? The following are four things you need to know to take the first step  to deal with to heal from whatever you’re going through to ask for HELP so you don’t make unhealthy decisions.

1. Who Should Ask For Help From?

When finding someone who you approach to ask for help the biggest thing must be that you’re able to TRUST the person. This conversation will never be an easy one regardless who you have it with. But if you find someone you can trust then it will be as comfortable as possible. This can be your mother or father, if you don’t have parents it can be a Counselor at school, a teacher, a coach, a friends parent or you can ask a friend you trust to help you ask for help. The biggest thing is you must trust them.

2. What Should You Say When Asking For Help?

When asking for help from the person you trust it’s important that you’re truthful about the decisions you have been making, the emotions you are feeling, what you’re going through and how this is making you feel. A lot of times we become ashamed embarrassed of these emotions and give ourselves reasons as to why we should not feel this way, as to why these feelings aren’t valid. But if you are feeling these feelings then they are valid to you and the only way to get the help you need to be completely honest with yourself and honest with the person you are asking for help from.

3. How Do I approach reaching Out To The Person For Help?

There are many ways you can reach out to the person for help. You can talk with them face to face and let them know how you’re feeling what you’re going through off your head. For some people its hard to get how they are feeling into words when it’s something emotional like this so you can write down on a piece of paper what you want to say and read it to the person. If you don’t want to do it face to face, then you can write them a note letting them know you want to talk with them. You could also write them an email, send them a text, or call them.

4. When Do You Ask For help?

When the Symptoms you are having getting in the way of your everyday life is when you should ask for help. A lot of times we will come up with excuses as to why we shouldn’t take action to ask for help. The person I want to ask is to busy today maybe tomorrow. I don’t want to be a burden to them maybe tomorrow, I don’t feel like doing it today tomorrow will be better. Yesterday was no better than today and tomorrow will be no better than today. The best time to ask for help is now. We could have a reason every day as to why we shouldn’t ask for help. We do this due to being nervous, afraid to actually ask for help.

Asking for help by many is looked at as being a weakness. But that couldn’t be more wrong when speaking up to ask for help it shows your strength, it shows the guts the courage you actually have. It isn’t easy to do this but when you do then the weight the pressure that comes with the struggle are relived and your able to live the life you deserve of happiness.

Asking for help is not a weakness or burden. Check out this article written by Psychology Today which goes in depth into why it can be so difficult to ask for help and how to overcome obstacles.