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All to often when we make decisions, we let our emotions and feelings be the controller of what choice we make vs you are having the control of the decision . When this is the case the choice you make often leads to a poor outcome. But if you had simply taken a step back, tak a few deep breaths slow your emotions and feeling down you can have consciously think about the choice before you made it. You can ask yourself questions that will make you think before you decide, and you would go down a different path in life than if you just acted on your feeling and emotions. Realize that’s all it takes is that one time in that one moment that you make that one decision and your life can be flipped upside down. In the moment you may have no idea the road you have just put your life on, you may have no idea what you have just done because of that one choice you just made. So, let’s go over four questions you can ask yourself that will get you to gain control of the choices you make to put you on the path you want.

  1. Does making this decision get me that much closer or further away to your goals? – We all have goals and dreams in our lives and the decisions we make largely determine if those goals come true or not. But we never really think about how the decision were about to make could either jeopardize or help get you that much closer to the goals you have set for yourself. If your able to take a step back and think about how this decision is going to either help you get closer or further away from the goals or the dreams you have than you wont just choice but think it through before you make your decision.
  2. How does making this decision effect others?– Most of the time when we make a decision as you read earlier you don’t think at all you let your emotions and feeling do the decide for you. But lets say this time you do think before you make a choice who do you usually think about? Yourself, don’t get me wrong it is important to think about how the decisions your making will affect you. Buts its also important to think about how they will also affect those around you in a positive or negative way. A perfect example of this is when someone is making the decisions to bully someone else in school. They are not thinking about how they are making the other person feel, they are thinking about how it is making them feel strong, how its making them feel in control not the fact that its making the other person feel horrible. Before you make decisions put yourself in other peoples shoes and think about how its going to make them feel.
  3. Why would you make this decision, what’s the reason? This is probably the most important question to ask yourself before you make a choice. When people stop and think why, they answer they give is surprising to themselves. I want to fit in, I want to run with a certain crowd, everyone else is doing it. when you think why I would do this before you are making a decision it gets you to consciously think about the reasons you should or shouldn’t make the decisions. Most of the time they don’t think about the why until after they have made the decision and they have suffered the consequence of the choice, or someone has found out what you have done and talked to you about it. Don’t wait until you have already made the decisions before you ask yourself why.
  4. How is making this decision going to affect me now or later in my life? As a human we love instant gratification when deciding. A lot of the times if we see instant gratification in something whether its good or bad we will do it, because you tend to focus on the reward of things more than we tend to focus on the risks. But when you ask yourself how making this decision ig going to affect you now or later negatively or positively in your life you’re actually able to think through the effects will have on you now or later. What you’re essentially dong is waking your brain up to think and not be on auto pilot to just act. A perfect example of this is someone who hits a Juul, they immediately think about the feeling they are going to get from the Juul. Not thinking about how if they smoke the Juul it could eventually lead to other poor decisions down the road or how if they hit the Juul the health complication that can occur now. But if they ask how will making this decision affect me now or later in my life this is something that you would think of.

If you’re able to consciously think before you decide and not be on auto pilot. If you ask yourself question that are going to make you think before you decide. Then the choices you make will be more positive leading to a more positive life for you to live.