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The Decisions you make in life can either empower or hinder you. When you make empowering decisions, you’re making decisions that allow you to have control of your life. You are able to determine for the most part the life you live you call the shots in your life, ultimately you determine your destiny. But when you make decisions that negatively affect your life, then you don’t have much control of your life and don’t know where you will end up in the end. When you’re making empowering decisions, you are making decisions that are giving to you in life, not taking from your life. Meaning, these decisions are helping you to grow as a person, not holding you back. Empowering decisions can be extremely hard to make, just because they positively affect your life doesn’t always mean they will be easy to make. I firmly believe the opposite is true, for most people, it’s harder to make decisions that empower you vs decisions that hinder you. Because empowering decisions for the most part require more effort than decisions that negatively affect your life.

For example, when someone is struggling through a difficult time in their life because they are getting picked on at school, or they are stressed out about something that’s going on. It’s much easier not to talk about what you’re going through with someone, suppress your emotions and hide your struggles form other verses speaking up and asking for help from a person. In this case, when you make the easier decision not to say anything that negatively affects your life because eventually what you are going through can affect you more and more and get to the point that you decide to make unhealthy decisions. Decisions like drinking, smoking or using others drugs to try to escape the pain and suffering you are going through, which can lead to you misusing substances. But if you make the tough decisions the decisions that comes with the nerves the fright and concern, and you speak up and ask for help from someone, not only do you empower yourself and become more in control of the situation but you start the healing process to get through the fight you have been facing. The following are 4 ways empowering decisions positively affect your life besides having control of where your life goes.

  1. Can help you get through hard times

The great thing about life is you can always change, when you make empowering decisions, they can completely turn your life around. So many times, we hear how someone was able to overcome a rough time in their life, a time when they believed there was no way out. How did they change their mindset and make positive change? By making empowering decisions. You may be in the worst state of mind or going through a rough experience, but if you are able to make decisions that empowers you, then you will be able to overcome the hurdles that are in your way.

  1. Make you more confident

When you make empowering decisions, you start to gain confidence because you start having more control and start seeing yourself in a much more positive way. Because of this you start to become more accepting of yourself in existence of your body and mind. When you can accept who you are, this is one of the most empowering things, and your confidence grows.

  1. You become a better version of yourself

Everyone has room to grow in different areas of life. When we make empowering decisions in life, growth occurs. Growth in any area of life helps you to go in the direction of becoming the best version of yourself. W are always looking to grow in different areas of our life continuously in pursuit of becoming the best version of ourselves, this only happens when we can make decisions that empower us.

  1. You become healthier

Empowering decisions help you to become healthier, leading to you exercising regularly and living a more active lifestyle. It doesn’t just affect your physical health but also your mental health. You start thinking about yourself in a more positive way, your self-talk becomes more positive. A large part of this is because you start growing as a person thus your confidence is growing.

Empowering decisions in your life are what determine the life that you live. When you make decisions that hold you back, that negatively affect your life, then you are effected negatively that is hurtful to whom you become to where your life goes. When you make these types of decisions, you become more in control of the life you live. You start becoming the best version of yourself and start becoming more confident and are able to determine the life you live and your destiny.