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Self-respect is one of the most important the driving forces in life, to the point where it affects the decisions that we make every day.

What is self-respect? To respect yourself not only means having pride and confidence in yourself, a feeling that you are behaving with honor and dignity. It also means making the right decisions  when it comes to yourself. The respect you have for yourself (how you see yourself) determines your character, confidence, self-esteem, and your outlook on life.

Different people have different issues that affect their confidence and find it hard to build self-respect. Weight issues can be a common obstacle to building self-respect. This can lead to issues like body dysmorphia, a mental condition where you can develop these negative voices inside your head that constantly put yourself down because of the way you look. These voices of self-doubt and insecurity are loud, persistent, and even destructive towards your efforts of bettering yourself. Once you start to put yourself down it becomes almost impossible to build any confidence. These issues can flow into other areas of life where a person begins to second guess everything they do.

Building Self-Respect

Here are 6 ways to build self-respect:

  1. Make the commitment to change – Take an honest self assessment of yourself now, and the person you want to become moving forward in life, then make a commitment to change. Change the way you see you, how you think, and the way you act.
  2. Consider your own feelings – Your emotions are at least as important as other people’s emotions. If you’re feeling uncomfortable then act on that information. Take your own feelings into account in everyday life and the decisions you make.
  3. Take care of your emotional needs – Self-respect is apparent through the things you do to make yourself comfortable, content, and happy. If a relationship in your life continuously makes you emotionally upset or out of balance, then it’s time to do something about it.
  4. Acknowledge that you deserve respectful treatment – We allow others to treat us in the manner we expect to get treated. We also treat others how to act toward us. If you find that others are not treating, you with respect. You must re-evaluate if you really expect others to treat you with respect.
  5. Avoid allowing people to treat you with disrespect – Make it clear that you want to be treated with kindness and care whether you are interacting with your children co-worker or friends.
  6. Treat Others with respect – The power of respect is to never disrespect. You will not receive respect if you don’t respect someone else. In order to treat others with respect you need to know how to empathize with others.

We could all be a little more respectful to others  and to ourselves. The importance of respecting ourselves in life is tremendously important. It is a factor in all our human endeavors. Understanding how to respect ourselves is shaped and influenced throughout our lives and can help us gain the essential awareness to change, so we can make better decisions in life and be happier.