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People need systems to help manage their lives. The same is true for making decisions. More times than not we just decide instead of actually going through a process or system to make the best informed decision possible. A great example is SODAS.

Remember this acronym; SODAS. It stands for Situation Alternatives Downside Advantage Solution, and will help you to make better decisions in life moving forward. It is a great decision-making tool and has been used as a good way deal with bullies.


In order to resolve the issue you must be able to identify the situation. When doing so you want to make sure it is done in great detail. You want to be mindful of the moment you are in and remain clear-headed so you can objectively weigh your options.


Options are the available choices you have.

  1. You can make the choice to bully the person back.
  2. You can decide to speak up to the person who is bullying you or a trusted adult to let them know what’s going on and how is making you feel,
  3. You can make the decision to ignore the person who is doing this to you to. How do you decide what’s right? The next step is to make a list of all the Downsides of each choice.


Before you take any action you’re going to take you need to think about it. Sit down and write all the things you believe are negative to each one. For our example, if you bully the person back, you become no better than they are. Ignoring things just usually makes them worse. Even speaking out to poses the risk of being outcast. It’s important to list as many downsides to each decision as possible to gain perspective.


After you’re done writing down all the downsides, write down the advantages. Advantages gained Its very important to list as many advantages as possible. Try to think of some advantages which may be on the opposite spectrum of your disadvantages or think of new ones.


Now it’s time to look at the list of downsides and advantages to come up with what you believe is the best option and when you find the best options then you have found the solution. Weigh your options carefully and decide what is in your best interest.

Its very important than when making decisions like the one I outlined above you don’t just act to make impulsive decisions. But you think about the advantages and disadvantages of each option you have so you can make the most informed decision possible to have the best outcome of the situation for you possible