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Outline Of Eric’s Speeches

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Outline of Eric’s Current Talks

Motivational Speaker

Decide To Live The Life You Want

Section I

The audience hear about the unhealthy decisions Eric’s younger brother Brendan made growing up and what they lead to.They learn how important the choices they are making to cope in life are and what using unhealthy coping decisions can lead to in their lives.

Section II

The audience realize that in the beginning no one ever thinks they will suffer from the disease of addiction when making the decision to use substances. But they eventually understand how everyone is vulnerable to this disease when making these unhealthy choices.

Section III

Eric describes the fear that led him not to say anything about Brendan’s unhealthy life changing choices to his parents or another adult. The audience will learn how to overcome that fear and speak up when a friend, brother, or sister is struggling to get them the help they need.

Section IV

Eric Helps the audience to see they have people around them in their lives (i.e. teachers, administrators, parents, coaches) that want to help and will not judge or criticize. He emphasizes that speaking up does not mean they are telling on someone, but that it shows they care for the person who is making unhealthy choices.

Live a more fulfilling life by speaking up

Section I

At the beginning of the presentation the audience see that although it may feel like they’re alone in their challenges, they’re not. They realize that everyone goes through challenges in life that weigh on them. Especially right now during this pandemic.

Section II

The audience learn that speaking up and asking for help during challenging times relieves the weight these challenges are putting on them.They realize that asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness but a sign of strength and courage. Eric shows the audience they have support from (teachers, administrators, coaches, counselors etc) that want to help not judge them during this hard time.

Section III

Eric talks about why he never spoke up to anyone about the unhealthy decisions his younger brother Brendan was making, even though he was concerned about what could happen to him. Eric teaches It’s much easier to relieve the weight that a person is carrying to ask for help with their struggle if they have someone like a (brother,friend or sister) to help them. He helps the audience understand when speaking up for someone it doesn’t mean they’re telling on someone, it shows they care about them.

Section IV

The audience learn how to ask for help, when they should ask for help. what to say when asking for help along with Who the best person to approach is when asking for help.