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Reccomendations from the people who have hired Eric for a speaking engagement

High Schools, cities and communities, institutions, and organizations. Eric has spoken at various events, and these are some of the things people have had to say after,

Mayor of Medford, MA

Eric’s presentation was powerful and moving. As many students and families have had to cope with many challenges throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Eric taught valuable skills and tools for asking for help and drew from his own life experiences to relate to students dealing with these challenges. We were so fortunate to have Eric work with us and bring awareness to these important issues.

Brianna Luongo

Mayor of Medford, MA


Eric has almost redefined life hasn’t been fair, life has handed Eric and his family a bad hand and there is a lot of suffering in life that occurs, but to make the pain felt in Eric’s life into something positive and do what he does with the authenticity he does it with is amazing , Eric’s testimony and real-life story is critical for people to hear. He is a Courage’s young man with a moving story.

Caroline Colarusso

Selectwoman, Town of Stoneham

Tabor Academy

Eric’s talk on choices and the loss of his brother as a result of substance abuse was engaging and generated thoughtful conversation across our campus. Eric was willing to engage with our students around a challenging topic, hear them out during a question and answer period and offer his thoughts and opinions. I am glad we had the opportunity to have him on campus.
Tim Cleary

Dean Of Students, Tabor Academy

Cardigan Mountain School

Eric’s powerful message to our boys was exceptional. An intense, captivating, and extremely personal presentation! Eric’s presentations made our boys think and realize how important the decisions they are making now are, Hearing from an alum only enhanced the presentation to our community.

Josh Leroy

Assistant Head of School, Cardigan Mountain School

South Kent

Eric Daddario’s presentation was gripping. His recounting of his brother’s struggles with addiction and eventual overdose was heartfelt. Eric’s passion to help educate adolescents rings through the entire presentation. Our students, our faculty, learned something important through Eric’s teaching.

Phil Darren

Dean Of Students, South Kent


It was great to have Eric come speak to our freshman and sophomore classes. He was informative in a very honest and engaging way.Eric made the students realize that addiction can happen to anyone and the decisions you make as a teen can have consequences throughout your life. I would highly recommend Eric to speak about his experience with your students or organization.

Jennifer Keenan

Teacher, Woburn High School

Camden County Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse

Through the process of getting to know Eric it was very apparent that he courageously brings 100% of himself into all that he does, with the hope of changing lives. His personality and warmth came through in his approach which enabled our coalition to connect and feel the depth of his message. Eric’s heartfelt and moving life-story of how just one decision can truly lead to devastating outcomes, was shared with compassion, care and truly powerful. This message is so important and needs to be shared and heard not only with youth but adults as well.
Andrea Marshall

Director of Education, Camden County Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse