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What is the most powerful force in your life that determines who you will become? How do we make the conscious choice to take control of our future outcome?


It is the decisions you make, and how you process the external factors that influence your conscious behavior, which persuade you to make those decisions.

The big decisions start with little decisions such as you being consciousness, what you decide to focus on, the meaning you give things and what you decide to do. If you can master these four things then you will make better decisions and have a better quality of life. Let’s dive a little deeper into these 4 categories so that you can have a better understanding and make better decisions to live better.

1. Being Conscious

The majority of people in life live on autopilot and not consciously interpreting events, unconsciously they are not fully aware of what is going on around them and what actions they are taking at the moment. This is extremely dangerous, because when you are living on autopilot, you are letting your emotions take over the decisions you make. This is the reason you say things like why did I do that? What was I thinking? Your emotions take over and are the driving force to the action you take. Basically, when you are living an unconscious life, you don’t have a lot of control and as a result you don’t make great decisions. It’s important to stay mindful of your surroundings. If you are living unconsciously, you are going to make important decisions on impulse, rather than logic.

2. What you decide to focus on

What you focus on at that moment is what you are going to feel, whether it is true or not. One of my favorite quotes of all time is “where your focus goes, your energy flows”. So, if you are complacent with the idea that, “I will never be a good student”, then you will never become a better student because you will be stuck where you are due to your focus. Sometimes it’s tough to face our conscience, it’s a hard thing to look in the mirror and identify your own faults. Instead, focus your energy on making the decision of what you need to do to succeed in becoming a better student or whatever it is you want to change in your life. Your thoughts are a catalyst. What you think influences how you feel and how you behave. So if you think you’re a failure, you’ll feel like a failure. Then, you’ll act like a failure, which reinforces your belief that you must be a failure.

3. The meaning you decide to give 

Depending on the meaning you give will determine the emotions you feel. If you continue to struggle in school because your chain of thought leads you to believe are not a good student, you may look at it as you are not good enough, you will never be smart and because of this you feel very upset disappointed and sad. To change the emotions you are having, you need to make a conscious choice to decide to change the meaning you are associating with what is happening. If you look at struggling in school as, I am being challenged and this will help me in the future. You will be more likely to act in a way that will help you to start getting better grades. That’s the whole idea.

4. What you decide to do

The emotion you get, due to the meaning you give, will result in the action you take. If you are not conscious and focused on why you aren’t good enough, then you will make the decision to stop trying and deal with it with things through negative reinforcement. If you are conscious and focused on what you needed to do to succeed and give a meaning of it being a good challenge that will help you in life, then you can be encouraged to go for extra help from the teachers to become a better student.

take a counscious look in the mirror

To change an area of your life, you need to change the decisions you are making in that area. The most important decisions you can change to see results are coming to terms with your situation and deciding to make a conscious effort to change your point of view. If you’re not conscious then none of the above areas matter. Focus on what you need to do to make the change, give the area of your life a different meaning which will give you a different emotion resulting in you acting differently to make better decisions resulting in you living a more fulfilling life.